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We had worked with Kelly for 6 months to find the perfect fit for our family. We were looking for a pup to be trained as a service pet for our son who uses a wheelchair. We couldn't imagine a more perfect match. Kelly watched carefully for the wonderful characteristics our Fenway showed, she knew very well how important this match was. Thank you!!!

We visited Stagecoach Doodles & Poodles late last fall and was so impressed with their dogs and puppy's that we decided to get one. The parents of the pups are onsite and you can truly see that they are cared for deeply. The kennels are very clean and organized. The puppies are absolutely gorgeous. They come with a two year health guarantee, they are up to date on shots, De-wormed. Kelly even litter trained the pups to make potty training easier. The day we picked our little puppy up she was bathed, groomed with a pretty bandana tied around her neck. We brought her home and I couldn't believehow smart she was. No problem potty training she was already pretty much there. At 7 weeks she knew so many commands with hardly any effort. She will be 10 months tomorrow and I can honestly say she is the smartest dog that I have ever owned. She is a delight in our eyes. I would highly recommend anyone that is interested in a puppy check out Stagecoach Doodles & Poodles. You will not regret it. 
Sherry L. Hickman​

It was a pleasure meeting the Elliott's and coming out to their farm. We had a chance to spend a few hours with the puppies and with the Elliot's themselves. They gave us valuable information and advice as this is our first puppy. Morrie has been a wonderful addition to the family. He socializes well with other dogs in the neighborhood and in the family. It's been fun and easy to train him. We would give great credit to his parents and to the attention that the Elliott's gave him early on. The Elliott's raise their puppies in a good home on a large farm, giving them care, socialization, vaccines, and microchips. They care that the puppies come from a good environment and that they go to good people.
Sabrina Hamstra​

I bought my Daisy from Stagecoach Doodle & Poodles...best day ever! I was well informed on the care give to her and how I need to care for her. All the health records were provided at the time I picked her up. I would and have recommend them...great breeders. I have a healthy, happy and well loved puppy (BIG).​
Stephanie Kominek Gabriel​